Cheltonians Who Gave Their Lives in the Great War

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This page lists those Cheltonians and other locals who are commemorated on Memorials and Rolls of Honour in the Cheltenham  area but, as yet, no date of death or details of burial have been found.

BORCHARD (BURCKHARDT) L M.     Cheltenham Grammar School Roll of Honour.

BROWN  J, Royal Field Artillery.     Cheltenham War Memorial.

CANDLER  C W, Canadian Infantry.     Cheltenham War Memorial  (Investigations indicate that this soldier may have served in the Canadian Army as Charles William CAUDLE and that he survived the war)

CHAMBERLAIN  J E, Royal Marine Light Infantry.     Cheltenham War Memorial.   This soldier was a POW of the Germans and returned to the UK in December 1918.

CLEE Douglas Henry.   Cheltenham War Memorial and Cheltenham Grammar School Roll of Honour.   Died of illness in Brentwood on 3rd February 1919.   Location of grave is being investigated - believed to be in West London.   Commemorated by the CWGC on the Brookwood Memorial.

CLIFFORD P.   St Peter's Church War Memorial.

CREED  L D, Gloucestershire Regiment.   St Paul's Church War Memorial.   (Could well be Pte Ernest Durham CREED, Glos Regt, but no death details traced as yet)

DRINKWATER  J.   Salem Baptist Church Roll of Honour.  John Edward Percival Stroud Drinkwater.   Born at Cheltenham during Q1 - 1897.   Served in 1/5th Battalion Gloucestershire Regiment and taken POW by the Germans on 16th July 1916.   Returned to Cheltenham in December 1918.   Worked on the Railways after the war and died at Bristol during Q1 - 1954.   Place of burial unknown.

GAINER  H, Gloucestershire Regiment.   Cheltenham War Memorial.   (It is believed that this commemoration, which was originally published in a Roll of Honour printed in the Gloucestershire Echo in August 1916, actually referred to Sgt H GARNER, 10th Battalion Gloucestershire Regiment, who was killed in action on 25th September 1915)

GAMMON Robert.   Elms Roll of Honour.

GAY  G, Gloucestershire Regiment.   Cheltenham War Memorial.

GOULD  K.   St James' School Roll of Honour.   A Keneth Edward Reginald Gould was born in Cheltenham in 1894 and resided at 9 Upper Bath Street, Cheltenham at the 1901 Census.   He may have died in 1915 but details of his death have not yet been found.

HALEY J, Gloucestershire Regiment.   Served as 4491, Pte, 1/6th Bn Glos Regt and discharged from the Army due to illness on 19th September 1916.   Details of death and burial have yet to be determined.

HALL E.   St James' School Roll of Honour.

HALL Edward J.     Elms Roll of Honour.   Could well be the Hall E listed above.

HART C R.   St Paul's Church War Memorial, St Peter's Church War Memorial and Cheltenham War Memorial.

HIGGS  A.      Salem Baptist Church Roll of Honour.    (Believed to be Pte Alfred Higgs, 1/5th Battalion Gloucestershire Regiment, a native of Cirencester, who survived the war)

HIGGS  W.     Salem Baptist Church Roll of Honour.    (Believed to be Pte William Higgs, 1st Battalion Worcestershire Regiment, a native of Cirencester who survived the war)

HOBSON  A.     Salem Baptist Church Roll of Honour.

JENKINS  A W, Gloucestershire Regiment.     Cheltenham War Memorial.   (Believed to be 202910, LSgt, 1/5th Battalion Gloucestershire Regiment.   Discharged from the Army due to illness on 16th March 1919.   Details of death and burial have yet to be determined).

PARSON  J.     St Peter's Church War Memorial.

PEARCE  J, Gloucestershire Regiment.     Cheltenham War Memorial.

RICHARDSON  George.     Prestbury War Memorial and Prestbury (St Mary's Church) War Memorial.   This commemoration may well refer to 343606, Carpenter's Mate, George Richardson, Royal Navy, HMS Formidable, who died at sea on 1st January 1915, who may have had relatives residing in Prestbury during the Great War.   Investigations continue.

ROBERTS  G, Col.   St James Church Roll of Honour.   (May well refer to Lieutenant Colonel Gerard Chipchase Roberts, Commanding Officer 14th Battalion Gloucestershire Regiment, who was killed in action in France on 8th June 1916.   His widow, Mrs Winifred Milbanke Roberts (nee Hudson) resided at Tudhoe House, Tudhoe, Co Durham.  No link with St James' Church, or parishioners of this church, has been established as yet).

SHAW  J, Pte.       St James Church Roll of Honour and St James' School Roll of Honour.

SIMPSON  Alex.     Bishops Cleeve War Memorial.

SIMS  W A.     Charlton Kings War Memorial and Charlton Kings (St Mary's Church) War Memorial.

SKEY William J.     St John's Church War Memorial.

STANLEY  G H.    Cheltenham War Memorial.   (Believed to be Pte George Henry STANLEY, 3rd (Reserve) Battalion Royal Berkshire Regiment - attached 4th (Extra Reserve) Battalion Royal Warwickshire Regiment).   No details of death and burial discovered as yet.

TAYLOR R F.   St James Church Roll of Honour.

WEAVER  W.     St James Church Roll of Honour.

WINTER W B.   Cheltenham War Memorial.   Accidentally killed in Ireland on 14th March 1919.   Place of burial is unknown as yet.

The following who are listed on War Memorials in the town have been found to have survived the Great War and their actual date of death is noted against their name:


Pte Fry V W - Cheltenham War Memorial.   16th June 1977

Pte H V C Nunney - Badgeworth War Memorial.   1971.

Pte Wixey W J - Cheltenham Parish Church Boys School ROH.   2nd October 1947




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