Roll of Honour

Salem Baptist Church, Cheltenham

Location:   St George's Road,  Cheltenham Grid Reference:   SO 949227
Unveiled:   15th July 1918 Names on this Roll of Honour:   74
Last Visited:   September 2004 UKNIWM Index No:  In due course

Salem Baptist Church was originally located in Clarence Parade, Cheltenham and moved to 129 St George's Road in 2001.   The roll is made up of two brass plates - the horizontal plate in the photo above may well commemorate those of the church who fell in World War 2.

Alphabetical list of names on this Roll of Honour

Left hand brass plaque

Right hand brass plaque

Arkell P

Ashcroft W

Ayres C L   *

Barnfield H   *

Bartlett W

Biddle W

Blake F

Brazener B   *

Brown F

Brown F A   *

Bullingham C

Bullock W

Burnett A J

Chess E H   *

Chick W

Claydon A

Clayton G

Cole N

Cole R   *

Collins T H

Cooper H   *

Cooper H T

Cooper R   *

Cox C

Dance H

Denchfield H

Drinkwater J E

Dunn R T

Emmes T   *

Fennell G   *

Fisher G   *

Fitchett W

Hack J W

Harding A

Harvey A T   *

Hawker A V   *

Hawker F J   *

Higgs A

Higgs W

Hobson A

Holtham C E   *

Hyde G W

Jacobs A H

Jakeway F

Jones G

Keen E L   *

Lapworth F   *

Martin F

Mason B H   *

Mason E

Mason F

Mason H J

Mason J

Matthews F G

Matthews W H

Mills W S

Mustoe D   *

Norris E

Norris E G   *

Page A E

Page W G

Parkhouse R

Rawlins C   *

Reid F H   *

Simpson J   *

Sims A W

Stroud W C

Taylor A E   *

Taylor J

Ward C

Ward F

Wasley A G

Webb G A   *

Yeates A J   *

Full details of those named on the Roll of Honour can be viewed here.
Those marked with * should be linked with the notes against their name in the panel below.


1.   Barnfield, Harvey, Holtham, Mustoe and Webb are also commemorated on the Sevenhampton (St Andrew's Church) Roll of Honour.

2.   Ayres is probably Cyril John Lerwell Ayers.

3.   Brazener is probably Albert Brazener.

4.   Brown F A is probably Frederick James Brown.

5.   Chess is commemorated on the grave of his parents in Charlton Kings (St Mary's) Churchyard.

6.   Cole R is commemorated on a family grave in Cheltenham Cemetery.

7.   Cooper H is probably William Henry Cooper.

8.   Cooper R is buried in Shurdington (St Paul's) Churchyard.

9.   Emmes is probably Thomas Henry Emmes.

10.  Fennell is probably James Harold Gilbert Fennell.

11.  Fisher is buried in Kensall Green Cemetery, London.

12.  Hawker brothers are commemorated on the grave of their parents in Cheltenham Cemetery.

13.  Keen is commemorated on a family grave in Cheltenham Cemetery.

14.  Lapworth is buried in Cheltenham Cemetery.

15.  Mason B H is possibly William Henry Mason.

16.  Norris E G and Simpson are commemorated on the Charlton Abbots (St Martin's Church) Roll of Honour.

17.  Rawlins is probably Charles William Ernest Rawlings who is commemorated on the family grave in Cheltenham Cemetery.

18.  Reid is probably Frank Hubert Read.

19.  Taylor A E is either Albert Edward Taylor or Arthur Ernest Taylor.

20.  Yeates is commemorated on the grave of his father in Cheltenham Cemetery.

21.  All are listed in the Roll of Honour pages.


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