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Regimental Rolls of Honour

Royal Memorial Chapel, Royal Military Academy Sandhurst 

Location:   Sandhurst, near Camberley, Surrey

Grid Reference:   SU 830610

Unveiled:   May 1921

Cheltonians listed on these Roll of Honour:   66


IWM War Memorial Ref:  18762

"Cheltonians" commemorated on these Rolls of Honour

Abbott G D

Adams H I

Anderson E G

Annesley W R N

Beale R A

Bird J G H

Bramwell C G

Brook-Murray K A

Campbell I P

Carnegy J

Carnegy R L

Cooch C R

Crane C E

Cuningham C A

De La Bere C J B

Dearden J F

Elliott P L

Forbes H

Forbes-Robertson K

Forde L W

Fort L

Gabell D R C

Gaitskell C E

Geddes A D

Geddes J G

Gladwin R H F

Gloster G C E

Godley G A G

Goodeve L

Griffith R V deB

Grogan J C

Gladwin R H F

Gloster G C E

Godley G A G

Goodeve L

Griffith R V deB

Grogan J C

Haddon-Smith W B

Hailstone G R

Harrison C C

Harrison M C

Hay D W

Hole F L

Ievers O G

Lousada B C

Lousada E A

Maby L B

Mather J K

Morse G T H

Noyes R E

Oakley-Brown V W

O'Callaghan D M M

Rawlinson L H

Read A M

Roberts A

Rogers S G

Rolph C C

Stainforth R T

Thomson H G A

Thoyts F G G

Turner H G

Vaughan G C

Walter W F

Ward B E

Whateley S W

Wiggin D H


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