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Name Source Observation
RALPH, Harold Edgar The Book, page 465 Birth registered in Cheltenham in Q1, 1893.   Aged 25.   His original battlefield grave marker is on display at Cheltenham Cemetery.
RANSOM, George The Book, page 467 Full name George Edward Ransom.  
RATCLIFFE Francis Served as 202001, Pte, 1/4th Battalion Gloucestershire Regiment.   Commemorated on the Prestbury (St Mary's Church) War Memorial as Frank RADCLIFFE.   The DoHR omits his age at death and address.  He is listed in the Book as RATCLIFF.   Born in Cheltenham in Q2, 1879.   Aged 38.
READ, Frank Hubert The Book, page 472 Not commemorated on the All Saints Church Memorial.   Commemorated on the Salem Baptist Church Roll of Honour as REID.
REDMAN, William Thomas The Book, page 472 Also commemorated on the Oddfellows Roll of Honour.
REED, Henry William Terent The Book, page 473 Third Christian name is Tennent.   Rank is 2Lt.
REGAN, William The Book, page 474 His original battlefield grave marker is on display at Cheltenham Cemetery.
REILLY, Frederick Walter The Book, page 475 Also commemorated on the Leckhampton (St Peter's Church) Roll of Honour.
RICHARDSON, Gilbert The Book, page 477
RICKERBY John Harold Ellerson, MC The Book, page 478 Served as Captain, 2/5th Battalion Gloucestershire Regiment.   Only initials (JHE) and no battalion of the Gloucestershire Regiment are listed in the DoHR.   His date of death is officially recorded as 22nd March 1918 but in the Book it is listed as 22nd May 1918.
RICKETTS, George Hume The Book, page 479 Also commemorated on the St Paul's College Roll of Honour.
RIMELL Reginald Served as 241130, Cpl, 2/5th Battalion Gloucestershire Regiment.   Listed as RIMMELL on the Badgeworth (Holy Trinity Church) Roll of Honour and Staverton (St Catherine's) Roll of Honour.   Listed as RIMELL on the Cheltenham War Memorial (East Panel), in the DoHR and in SDGW.   In the DoHR his address is given as in The Meddings in Cheltenham - this should be The Reddings and only his initial (R) is recorded.   Birth registered in Stow on the Wold in Q2, 1897.
ROBINS, Edward Ernest The Book, page 484 Birth registered in Hastings in Q2, 1876.   Aged 39.
ROBERTS, Albert Edward Addition to The Book, page 482 Commemorated on Badgeworth (Holy Trinity Church) Roll of Honour.   Served as 2563, Pte, 1/5th Bn Glos Regt.   Killed in action in the Hebuterne area of France eon 6th July 1916 and buried in the Hebuterne Military Cemetery, plot I.E.17.   Son of Mary Roberts of Badgeworth Cross and the late John Roberts.   Aged 22.
ROBERTS Albert Thomas Victor The Book, page 483 Served as 9692, Pte, 2nd Battalion Gloucestershire Regiment.   In the DoHR his full christian names are not recorded and his date of death is listed as 13th January 1915.   In SDGW his date of death is recorded as 18th January 1915.
ROBINSON, Edgar The Book, page 485 Commemorated on the family grave in Prestbury (St Mary's) Churchyard.
ROBINSON, Edward The Book, page 485 Brother of Edgar.   Also commemorated on a relative's grave in Prestbury (St Mary's) Churchyard.
ROBINSON, R The Book, page 486 Actually George Robinson, known as "Dick".   Served as T/291142, Dvr, Royal Army Service Corps and died of illness in the UK on 27th February 1919 whilst on the strength of the RASC Clearing Office.   Buried in a war plot in Cheltenham Cemetery.   Son of William and Eliza Robinson, of Hillview, Cleeve Hill.   Aged 37.   Also commemorated on the Bishops Cleeve War Memorial, the Southam War Memorial and the Cleeve Hill (St Peter's Church) Roll of Honour.
RODDIS, Frederick William The Book, page 486 Birth registered in Edmonton in Q3, 1892.   Aged 25.
RODGERS Cornelius George   Served as 10327, Pte, 7th Battalion Gloucestershire Regiment.   SDGW records his surname as ROGERS and the Cheltenham Voters List for 1918 records his parents surname as ROGERS.   Listed as RODGERS on the Cheltenham War Memorial (East Panel) and on the St Philip's Church War Memorial.   The DoHR records only initial (C), no age at death and no address.   Birth registered in Cheltenham in Q2, 1889.   Aged 26.
ROFFEY, Harold Bowyer The Book, page 488 Rank is Lt Col.
RUCK, William George The Book, page 492 Also commemorated on the Charlton Kings (St Mary's Church) Roll of Honour and on the Charlton Kings Baptist Church Roll of Honour.
RUSSELL, Arthur Cecil Joseph The Book, page 494 Regimental number is WR/255654.   Served in 30 Railway Labour Battalion RE
RUSSELL, James The Book, page 494 Birth registered in Cheltenham in Q3, 1892.   Aged 25.
RUTLAND Arthur Cecil   Served as 9928, Pte, 1st Battalion Gloucestershire Regiment.  In the DoHR his date of death is recorded as 29th October 1914 and that he is commemorated on the Menin Gate Memorial To The Missing, Ypres, Belgium.   However, there is evidence that he was killed in action near Loos, France, on 11th December 1915 and this is the date recorded in "Soldiers Died".   His date of death as recorded in the GRO (Overseas Deaths) Index is in the last quarter of 1915.  If he was killed in the Loos area then he should be commemorated on the Loos Memorial To The Missing, France.
RUMBOLD Henry   Served as 13639, Pte, 10th Battalion Gloucestershire Regiment.   Listed on the Cheltenham War Memorial (West Panel) as RUMBLES.
RYLES, Caleb The Book, page 495 Aged 14 at the 1901 Census.   Aged about 30 at death.   Resided at "The Lower Field", Elmstone Hardwicke.   Also commemorated on the Elmstone Hardwicke (St Mary Magdalen Church) Roll of Honour.


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