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Name Source Observations/Remarks
ADAMS Hugh Irving The Book, page 1 Resided at 8 Sydenham Villas Road, Upper High Street, Cheltenham.  A report in The Times of 12th July 1916 states that he was killed on 2nd July 1916.
ADCOCK  Hubert Percy The Book, page 2 Service number is DEAL/244(S).   Date of death is 15th June 1915 serving with 1st Field Company Royal Marine Divisional Engineers.
ADDIS Frederick J The Book, page 2 Second christian name is John.   Rank of LCpl at death.   Also commemorated on the Charlton Kings (St Mary's Church) War Memorial.
ALDRICH Arnold The Book, page 2 DoHR records date of death as 2nd May 1918.   Actual date of death is 1st May 1918 and a copy of his Death certificate has been forwarded to CWGC.   Also commemorated on the Leckhampton (St Peter's Church) Roll of Honour.   His widow was Mrs Gertrude Alice Aldrich.
ALDRIDGE Arthur William The Book, page 3 Regimental number is DM2/170544.   Buried in Dar Es Salaam War Cemetery, Tanzania.
ALDRIDGE Herbert Edgar The Book, page 3 Commemorated on the family grave in Cheltenham Cemetery.
ALDRIDGE William George The Book, page 3 DOHR and SDGW list his the date of his death as 27th September 1918.   The DOHR, SDGW and IAWD record his regimental number as 28041.   Commemorated on family grave in Bishops Cleeve (St Michael's) Churchyard.
ALLSOPP Arthur Ernest The Book, page 4 Birth registered in Cheltenham in Q1 - 1889 as Arthur Ernest ALLSOP.   His widow was Mrs Florence Louisa.
AMES Albert Charles The Book, page 5 Widow, Mrs Maud Ames, was residing at 4 Spread Eagle Terrace, Cheltenham.
ANDERSON Enderby Gordon The Book, page 5 Aged 27 at his death and serving with 12th Company Australian Army Service Corps.
ANGUS Robert Edward The Book, page 6 Serving with 64 Squadron Royal Flying Corps at the time of his death.   Parents residing at Hill House, Leckhampton Road, Leckhampton.   Commemorated on the Arras Flying Services Memorial.
ARKELL Frank Joseph The Book, page 7 Possibly killed in action on 22nd March 1918 (as recorded on the commemorative plaque in St Mary Magdalene Church, Boddington).   SDGW and in the DOHR record that he died on 21st March 1918.   In SDGW he is listed as "Died" (indicating cause of death unknown).
ARKELL Oliver The Book, page 7 Enlisted into 5th Bn Glos Regt (TF) on 26th August 1909 and volunteered for overseas service on the declaration of war in August 1914.   Whilst the unit was training at camp in Chelmsford he was diagnosed with TB and subsequently discharged from the Army on 7th January 1915 and awarded a military medical pension.   He died in Cheltenham, aged 25, on 23rd March 1918 and was buried in Cheltenham Cemetery, Plot L/2251) on 27th March 1918.   He had no association with 45 Queen Street, Cheltenham.   At the time of his death, he was residing at 3 Brunswick Place, St Paul's Road, Cheltenham.
ARKELL Percy The Book, page 8 Birth registered in Cheltenham in Q3 - 1893, as Albert Percy Arkell.
ARKELL Philip add to The Book, page 8 Commemorated on St Peter's Church War Memorial.   Philip Arkell, born in Cheltenham in 1896, who served as 11670, Pte, 5th Battalion Kings Royal Rifle Corps and later as 21122, Pte, 3rd Battalion Ox & Bucks Light Infantry.   Discharged as medically unfit for service on 18th April 1916.   Resided at 3 Marlborough Place, St Peter's, Cheltenham.   Died on 9th January 1920 and buried in Cheltenham Cemetery, Plot L/2251, with his brother Oliver - see above.
ARNOLD George The Book, page 8 Served with 75th Company Labour Corps.
ARUNDELL Henry Rudolf The Book, page 10 Family resided at 10, Clare Place, Bath Road, Cheltenham.   Original battlefield grave marker is located near to the entrance of Cheltenham cemetery.   Also commemorated on the Order of Oddfellows Roll of Honour.
ASHCROFT William A The Book, page 10 Birth registered in Cheltenham Q1 - 1897 as William Arthur.
ASHFIELD George The Book, 11 Buried in Salonika (Lembet Road) Military Cemetery
ATKINS Ernest Henry The Book, page 12 Commemorated in the Somerset War Memorial Book located in Wells Cathedral.
ATTWOOD Edward The Book, page 12 Buried in St Andrews Churchyard, Immingham.
AUSTIN Herbert William add to The Book, page 13 Staverton (St Catherine's Church) Roll of Honour Commemorated on Staverton (St Catherine's Church) Roll of Honour.   Birth registered in Cheltenham in Q1 - 1891.   Served as Pte, 241481, 1/5th Battalion Gloucestershire regiment.   Killed in action on 16th August 1916 and commemorated on the Thiepval Memorial To The Missing.
AYLAND James Harold The Book, page 13 Killed in action on 25th May 1918.   He is also commemorated on the Charlton Kings (St Mary's Church) War Memorial.
AYRES Cyril Lerwell The Book, page 13 Name listed as AYRES in the Book, MIC and SDGW.  Recorded as AYERS on registration of birth in Cheltenham in Q2-1897 and in the DOHR.   Listed as AYRES Lerwell C in the IAWD.
AYRES Ernest The Book, page 14 Birth registered in Cheltenham Q4 - 1891 as AYERS Ernest Jabes.   In IAWD, DOHR and SDGW listed as AYERS.
AYRES Leonard F The Book, page 14 Birth registered in Cheltenham Q4 - 1898 as Leonard Frederick.

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