Cheltenham Roll of Honour - 25th September 1915

Those of Cheltenham and local area who fell on 25th September 1915, the first day of the Battle of Loos

A Service of Remembrance was held on Sunday 25th September 2005 at Christ Church, Cheltenham to commemorate those of the town who fell in action on 25th September 1915, the first day of the Battle of Loos.    Descendants and relatives of the following attended the service and placed commemorative crosses in the remembrance area:  Sgt E R Artus, Sgt F E Bridgman, LCpl J C L Gapper, LCpl A G Gostlow, Pte D Hawling, Pte A G Lockey and Sgt J H Taylor.

The remaining 36 Cheltonians were remembered by members of the Gloucestershire Army Cadet Force and by other guests at the service.

10th Battalion Gloucestershire Regiment

   (1 officer and 33 soldiers)

Sgt Ernest Richard ARTUS   -   Granville Street

Sgt Ernest Linden Howard BETTERIDGE   -   Hatherley Street

Sgt Frederick Ewart BRIDGMAN   -   Brookway Road

Pte Hubert Frederick Arnold BUTLER   -   Montpellier Villas

Sgt Thomas COOMBEY   -   Cirencester Road, Charlton Kings

Pte Ernest DAVIS   -   St James Street

Pte Cecil James DELANEY   -   Tewkesbury Road

Pte William DISTON   -   All Saints

Sgt Frank Maurice DRISCOLL   -   Marle Hill Road

Pte Robert ELLIOTT  -   Leicester Terrace

Pte Thomas EVANS   -   Brandon Terrace

Pte Frank Reginald GAPPER   -   Cheltenham

LCpl James Christopher Lipscomb GAPPER   -   Burton Street

Sgt Horace GARNER   -   Montpellier Villas

Capt Ivan Richard GIBBS   -   Park Place

LCpl Albert George GOSTLOW   -   Swindon Street

Pte Frederick Stephen GROVES   -   Christchurch Road

Pte Leonard Benjamin HARRIS   -   St Luke's

Cpl Arthur HARRISON   -   Tewkesbury Road

Pte David HAWLING   -   Nailsworth Terrace

Pte Ernest Alfred JONES - Commercial Street

Pte Arthur Granville LOCKEY   -   St Peter's, Cheltenham

Pte Frank Thomas LONG   -   Golden Valley, Cheltenham

Pte Alfred MATTHEWS   -   Gratton Street

Pte George MAYALL   -   Noverton Lane, Prestbury

Pte William RIVERS   -   St James Street

Sgt George Ernest ROBINSON   -   Upper Bath Road

Pte Henry RUMBOLD   -   Malvern Street

LCpl Charles Alfred SMART   -   York Street

Pte Frederick SMITH   -   Church Piece, Charlton Kings

Pte William Frank SMITH   -   St Phillip's Street

Sgt James Henry TAYLOR   -   Milsom Street

Pte Charles WICKS   -   Union Street

LCpl Albert John WILLIAMS   -   Charlton Lane


2nd Battalion Royal Berkshire Regiment

(1 soldier)

Pte George William HYDE   -   Sun Street

9th Battalion Welsh Regiment

(2 soldiers)

Pte Arthur Henry HOUGHTON  -  Beaufort Buildings, Pitville

Pte George MITCHELL   -   Victoria Parade, Gloucester Road

2nd Battalion Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry

(1 Soldier)

Sgt William DRAKE   -   High Street

10th Battalion Sherwood Foresters

(1 soldier)

Pte Henry Thomas COOPER   -   Hamilton Place

9th Battalion Royal Welsh Fusiliers

(1 soldier)

Pte John SHELLAM   -   Market Street

1st Battalion Northamptonshire Regiment

(1 officer)

Capt Anketell Moutray READ, VC   -   Shurdington Road   (Full details of the award of the VC for gallantry at Loos can be viewed here)

28th Punjabis (Indian Army)

(1 officer)

Lt Elliot Blair GRASETT   -   Lypiatt Terrace

2nd Battalion South Staffordshire Regiment

(1 officer)

Capt Arthur Forbes Gordon KILBY, VC, MC   -   Pitville Circus Road   (Full details of the award of the VC for gallantry at Loos can be viewed here)

Royal Field Artillery (97th Brigade)

(1 officer)

Capt Edmund Griffith HEATH   -   Lansdowne Place (See Note 14)


1.   The following are buried in Dud Corner Cemetery, Loos

      Sgt Artus, Sgt Betteridge, Cpl Harrison, Pte Hawling, Capt Read VC and Capt E G Heath


2.   The following are buried in Cabaret Rouge British Cemetery, Loos

      Sgt Bridgman, Sgt Driscoll and Pte Rumbold


3.   Capt Gibbs is believed buried St Mary's Advanced Dressing Station Cemetery, Haisnes, near Loos.


4.   Pte Houghton is buried in the Brown's Road Military Cemetery, Festubert, France.


5.   Sgt Drake is buried in the Guards Cemetery, Cuinchy, France.


6.   Pte Cooper is buried in the Lijssenthoek Military Cemetery, Belgium.


7.   The following have no known grave and are commemorated on the Loos Memorial To The Missing:

      Pte Butler

      Sgt Coombey

      Pte Davis

      Pte Delaney

      Pte Diston

      Pte Elliott

      Pte Evans

      Pte F Gapper

      LCpl J Gapper

      Sgt Garner

      LCpl Gostlow

      Pte Groves

      Pte Harris

      Pte Jones

      Pte Lockey

      Pte Long

      Pte Matthews

      Pte Mayall

      Pte Mitchell

      Pte Rivers

      Sgt Robinson

      Pte Shellam

      LCpl Smart

      Pte F Smith

      Pte W Smith

      Sgt Taylor

      Pte Wicks

      LCpl Williams


8.   Capt Kilby, VC, is buried in Arras Road Cemetery, Roclincourt, France. 


9.   Pte Hyde, 2nd Battalion Royal Berkshire Regiment, has no known grave and is commemorated on the Ploegsteert Memorial To The Missing.


10.  Lt Grasett has no known grave and is commemorated on the Neuve Chapelle Indian Memorial To The Missing.


11.  Sgt Driscoll is commemorated on the grave of his father in Cheltenham Cemetery.


12.  Sgt Robinson is commemorated on the family grave in Cheltenham Cemetery.


13.  Lt Grasett is commemorated on the family grave in Cheltenham Cemetery.


14.  A total of 44 were commemorated at the Service of Remembrance, but after certain facts came to light after further detailed research conducted in 2005 and 2015, the Roll of Honour has been amended to show that one soldier of the Gloucestershire Regiment (Pte C E J Brookes) has been replaced by one officer of the Royal Field Artillery (Capt E G Heath).   To those who attended the Service on 25th September 2005 at Christ Church apologies are offered for any confusion caused.


Page last updated:  9th March 2015


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