Cheltonians who were Killed or Died in the Great War Whilst Serving with

The Indian Army


Ref Name Rank Unit Date Died Cause Loc Age Memorials
1 ARMSTRONG George Pierce Lt 34th Sikh Pioneers 2nd July 1915 KIA FR 23 CH   AS   COL
2 BANNERMAN Oriel William Erskine Capt 15th Lancers (Cureton's Moolitanis) 3rd February 1915 DOW FR 37 CH   COL
3 BURGOYNE-WALLACE Douglas Burgoyne Lt 7th Duke of Connaught's Own Rajputs 3rd March 1915 KIA ME 21 CH   COL
4 BURTON Arthur Robert Lt Col 94th Russell's Infantry 24th January 1918 DOI ME 45 CH   CC
5 ELLIOTT Reginald William Sidney Maj 7th Gurkha Rifles 24th November 1914 KIA FR 40 CH   COL
6 FISHER Eric Whitmore Capt 118th Punjabi Infantry 14th October 1918 DOI IN 26 CH
7 FORBES Arthur Maj 128th Pioneers 17th April 1916 KIA ME 35 CH   COL
8 FORBES Hunter Capt 51st Sikhs (Frontier Force) 6th April 1916 KIA ME 29 CH   COL
9 GRASETT Elliot Blair Lt 28th Punjabis 25th September 1915 KIA FR 25 CH   SS  
10 GRIFFITH John Gwynne Maj 32nd Lancers 24th May 1915 KIA BE 40 CH
11 HODGSON Eric Godfrey 2Lt 40th Pathans 22nd May 1915 DOW FR 23 CH   CK   CKC
12 JAMIESON Gerald Alister Maj 9th Bhopal Infantry 28th February 1916 DOW ME 39 CH   COL
13 LANDALE James Russell Maj 2nd Queen's Own Rajputs 9th March 1916 KIA ME 34 CH   SS   COL
14 LODWICK John Thornton  DSO Maj 3rd Queen Alexandra's Own Gurkhas 30th December 1915 KAS SEA 33 CH   SJ   COL
15 MARSDEN Edmund Capt 64th Pioneers 26th May 1915 DOI BU 34 CH   COL
16 MOTTRAM Piercy John McQueen Capt 109th Infantry 6th October 1919 KIA IN 35 CH   COL
17 PRENDERGAST Charles Randolph Lt 28th Punjabis 21st January 1916 KIA ME 27 CH   COL
18 SWINEY Ernest Robert Rainier Col 39th Garhwal Rifles 30th December 1915 KAS SEA 52 CH   CC   COL
19 SWINHOE Edmund Arthur Maj Supply & Transport Corps 27th October 1918 DOI IN 48 CH   SS   COL
20 SWINLEY George Dighton Probyn, MiD Maj 14th King George's Own Sikhs 13th May 1915 DOW GA 40 CH   CC
21 WARD Charles Albert John Lt Censor's Department 15th December 1918 DOI SEA 51 CH   LK   LKC
22 WILLOUGHBY James Gerald Capt 33rd Queen Victoria's Own Cavalry 3rd March 1915 KIA ME 31 CH   CC   COL



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