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   War Graves of the Great War In Cheltenham Cemetery

Surnames I, J and K


Location:   Bouncers Lane,  Cheltenham

Grid Reference:   SO 968231

Alphabetical list of the 7 official and civilian War Graves (Surnames I,J,K) (with grave reference)

JAMES Frank      (O/2019)

JEWELL Herbert   (A1/951)

JORDAN William Henry   (A1/972)

KIDD James (A1/2003)

KING Joseph Sydney   (A1/853)

KIRK William   (A1/801)

KITZ Henry William   (W/11632)

Pioneer Frank JAMES, Railway Troops Depot Royal Engineers, is buried in Plot O/2019.


There is no headstone on the plot and the grave is not recognised by the CWGC.


He saw service in France with 30th Railway Battalion Royal Engineers and was discharged from the Army on 18th October 1917 due to illness.   He died in Cheltenham on 1st December 1917, aged 41, and was buried in the cemetery on 6th December 1917.


He is commemorated on the Cheltenham War Memorial and on the St Stephen's Church Roll of Honour.


His wife, Mrs May James, resided at 2 Park View, Albany Road, Tivoli, Cheltenham.

WO1 Herbert JEWELL, Royal Engineers, is buried in Plot A1/951.


He died on 31st May 1919, aged 44, and his death was registered in Cheltenham in the second quarter of 1919 and he was buried in the cemetery on 4th June 1919.


He is not commemorated on any memorial in Cheltenham or the local area.


At the time of his death, he was residing at Redhill Farm, Ludlow.

Cpl William Henry JORDAN, 440th Agricultural Company Labour Corps, previously of the Gloucestershire Regiment, is buried in Plot A1/972.


After service with the Gloucestershire Regiment, he was transferred to the Labour Corps and died on 5th November 1918 during the influenza epidemic, aged 28.


He is commemorated on the Cheltenham War Memorial.


His wife, Rebecca Hale Jordan, resided at 23 King Street, Cheltenham.

Pte James KIDD, 13th Observer Company Royal Defence Corps, is buried in Plot A1/2003.


After service with the Worcestershire Regiment, he was transferred to the Royal Defence Corps and died of illness on 25th February 1917, aged 24.   He was buried on 1st March 1917.


He is commemorated on the St Paul's Church War Memorial.


His parents, James and Tamara Kidd, were proprietors of the Hanover Inn, Hanover St, Cheltenham.


Pte Joseph Sydney KING, 10th Battalion Gloucestershire regiment, is buried in Plot A1/853.


He volunteered for service in late 1914 whilst only 15 years of age and enlisted into the 10th Battalion Gloucestershire Regiment.  


He was severely wounded on 25th September 1915 when the battalion attacked German trenches during the first day of the Battle of Loos.   He was evacuated to the Military Hospital at Netley, near Southampton, but died of his wounds on 8th October 1916, aged 16.   After a funeral service in St James' Church, he was buried in Cheltenham Cemetery.


He is commemorated on the Cheltenham War Memorial, the St James' Church Roll of Honour and on the St James' School Roll of Honour.


His parents, Mr and Mrs John King, resided at 6, Brunswick Buildings, Upper Bath Street, Cheltenham.


Pte William KIRK, "C" Company, 8th Battalion Seaforth Highlanders, is buried in A1/801.


His battalion was involved in the Battle of Loos and it was here that he was wounded and evacuated to the UK into the Red Cross Hospital at Winchcombe.   He died of tetanus at Cheltenham General Hospital on15th October 1915, aged 25.


He is not commemorated in Cheltenham or the local area.


His wife, Helen Gordon Kirk, resided at 8, Railway Buildings, Greenhill, Stirlingshire.


Cpl Henry William KITZ, 4th (Reserve) Battalion Gloucestershire Regiment TF, is buried in Plot W/11632.


He died of illness on 21st December 1916, aged 30, at 1st (Southern) General Hospital, Birmingham and was buried on 27th December 1916.


He is commemorated on the Cheltenham War Memorial, the St John's Church War Memorial and the Order of Oddfellows Roll of Honour.


His parents, Joseph and Harriett Kitz, resided at 43, Brighton Road, Cheltenham.


1.   JAMES is buried in an unmarked grave which is not recognised by the CWGC.

2.   JEWELL and KIRK have no obvious connection with Cheltenham.







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