War Memorial, Charlton Kings

Location:   Horsefair Street, Charlton Kings Grid Reference:   SO 965205
Unveiled:   4th August 1920 Names on this War Memorial:   116
Last Visited:   23rd September 2011 UKNIWM Ref:   20745

Inscriptions on this War Memorial:  To the undying memory of the men from Charlton Kings who, in defence of their country, sacrificed their lives in the Great War 1914 - 1919.

Alphabetical list of names on this War Memorial

Addis F J   *                     

Attwood E   *                     

Ayland J                          

Bates A                           

Bates W                           

Billings S W                     

Black A

Bloodworth E

Bloxsome A                  

Bloxsome W J

Bond A J T

Booth J C

Bourne S

Bracher A V   *

Brazener A                       

Brazener G              

Brinkworth W               

Brookes H F                  

Brown W M   *                  

Burrows F                       

Butler H   *                         

Chandler W J   *                   

Chapman G A   *                

Cherrington T C          

Chick W                          

Clapham C   *               

Clifford W J        

Clissold G                   

Coombe W   *               

Coombey T                     

Creed T                           

Crooke E H                     

Crooke H N                    

Daubeney G                    

Drake W H                      

Dutfield E                     

Eaketts H W                      

Edwards H                       

Fawcett F   *

Foxwell C H                    

French R                         

Fry C E S   *                        

Fry T H   *                           

Gammon T   *                  

Gardner J A                   

Gardner S                       

Gray B J                        

Gray E                          

Hale F G   *                        

Hall A J                          

Harris T W                     

Harvey G E                    

Hawkins A   *                      

Hawkins R                     

Hayward G H                 

Heberden A C               

Hennel A S   *                       

Hodgson E G                  

James H                          

Jeffrey J   *                     

Jennings F   *                     

Jones C F

Jordan T                           

King A T   *                             

Knight T                          

Lawrence A J   *                  

Lovesy F J                         

Matthews M   *                        

Mayo A E                           

Newbury E M                     

Newcombe A   *                      

Newcombe L R   *                   

Peacey H                           

Phillott C G R   *                     

Price A J                           

Protherough H W   *                 

Roberts A

Robins E E

Rogerson V

Ruck W

Saunders C   *

Sealey E J
Shillum E                      

Sims H G   *                         

Sims W A                        

Slee J W L   *                        

Slee T   *                              

Smith A E                          

Smith E   *                           

Smith F                            

Smith H C                         

Smith R F                          

Smith W   *                           

Stephens E W                    

Stephens J   *                        

Tasker W                          

Taylor J                           

Thompson F                      

Turner W H                       

Uzzell  C                        

Villar R H                         

Viner W F                          

Wakefield A                      

Wakefield F                     

Whatley W                       

Wheeler H J                    

Wiggin D H                      

Wiggin N H                      

Wilks J W   *                       

Williams A J   *                

Williams F (Cpl)   *                   

Williams F   *                        

Williams F B   *                      

Williams L   *                        

Wills A H                            

Willoughby E C                   

Full details of those listed on this War Memorial can be viewed here

Those marked with * should be linked with the notes against their name in the panel below


1.   Addis is buried in Charlton Kings Cemetery and shares a CWGC double headstone with Clapham A G, who is not commemorated in Charlton Kings but is commemorated on the Elms War Memorial.

2.   Attwood is buried in St Andrew's Churchyard Immingham.

3.   Bracher is commemorated on his parent's grave in Charlton Kings (St Mary's) Churchyard.

4.   Brown is commemorated on his mother's grave in Charlton Kings Cemetery.

5.   Butler was probably the first Cheltonian to be killed in the Great War (24 Aug 1914).

6.   Chandler is commemorated on the family grave in Charlton Kings (St Mary's) Churchyard.

7.   Chapman is commemorated on the family grave in Charlton Kings (St Mary's) Churchyard.

8.   Clapham C is probably John Charles Clapham.

9.   Coombe is buried in the Charlton Kings Cemetery.

10.  Fawcett is also commemorated on a plaque in Cheltenham General Hospital.

11.  Fry C E S is commemorated on his father's grave in Charlton Kings Cemetery.

12.  Fry T H is commemorated on a relative's grave in Charlton Kings (St Mary's) Churchyard.

13.  Gammon T is probably Edward Thomas Gammon.

14.  Hale is buried in Seaford Cemetery.

15.  Hawkins brothers are commemorated on their parent's grave in Cheltenham Cemetery.

16.  Hennell is commemorated on the grave of his father in Charlton Kings (St Mary's) Churchyard.

17.  Jeffrey is probably James Jeffery.

18.   Jennings served in the Canadian Army as David Edward MORRISON.

19.  King is buried in Charlton Kings Cemetery.

20.  Lawrence is commemorated on the grave of his wife in Charlton Kings Cemetery.

21.  Matthews is buried in Charlton Kings Cemetery.

22.  Newcombe A is buried in Cheltenham Cemetery.

23.  Newcombe L R is commemorated on the grave of his father in Cheltenham Cemetery.

24.  Phillott is commemorated on the grave of his parents in Charlton Kings Cemetery.

25.  Protherough H W is probably Walter George H Protherough.

26.  Peacey, Stephens E and Stephens J are also commemorated on the Winchcombe Village War Memorial.

27.  Saunders is probably Edward Charles Sims Saunders.

28.  Sims H G is buried in Charlton Kings Cemetery.

29.  Slee J W L is buried in Charlton Kings Cemetery.

30.  Slee T is buried in Osmondwall Cemetery, Orkney Islands.

31.  Smith E is most probably LCpl Ernest Herbert Smith.

32.  Smith W is buried in Cheltenham Cemetery and is also commemorated on the Coberley (St Giles Church) Roll of Honour.

33.  Stephens brothers are commemorated on the Winchcombe War Memorial and the Gretton War Memorial.

34.  Williams F (Cpl) is most probably Frank Williams of Oakland Cottage, Charlton Kings.

35.  Williams F is most probably Frank Andrew Williams of Mansfield Place, Charlton Kings.

36.  The following names which appear on this War Memorial do not listed on the St Mary's Church Roll of Honour:  Attwood E, Bond A J H, Bond J H, Crooke E H, Crooke H N, Hayward G H, Uzzell F C, Wiggin D H, Wiggin N H, Williams F, Wills A H.

37.  The following names which are listed on the St Mary's Church Roll of Honour are not commemorated on this War memorial:  Blunt F, Causon S, Hodson H, Sheepway D, Ross G, Simpson E, Smith A, Upstone C, White A, Willis H and Winstone A.

38.  War graves in Charlton Kings Cemetery can be viewed here.

39.  Commemorations in Charlton Kings (St Mary's) Churchyard can be viewed here.

40.  Commemorations in Charlton Kings Cemetery can be viewed here.

41.  St Mary's Church Charlton Kings Roll of Honour can be viewed here.

42.  Charlton Kings Working Mens Club Roll of Honour can be viewed here.

43.  Charlton Kings Baptist Church Roll of Honour can be seen here.

44.  All are commemorated in the Roll of Honour pages.


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