Roll of Honour

Charlton Kings Baptist Church

Location:   Church Street, Charlton Kings (See Note 13 below) Grid Reference:   SO 966204
Unveiled:    Names on Roll of Honour: 53 (9 deceased)
Visited: UKNIWM Ref:   In due course
Inscriptions on the Roll of Honour: Roll of Honour   Great European War   Aug 1914 - Nov 1918

The following brave and patriotic young men, members and former members of the Charlton Kings Baptist Sunday School, have voluntarily given their services to their King and Country, in time of great peril and need.

The Roll of Honour consists of two pages with the same inscription heading both pages

Alphabetical list of those names printed on the Roll of Honour

Those in bold letters were killed or died whilst serving

Page 1

Smith Harold B

Coleman William J

Peacey Harold

Hughes Victor

Dent Victor

Cherington Charlie   (1)

Welch Charlie

Hughes Arthur

Ryland George

Smith Raymond

Harris Frederick

Lovesy John   (2)

Parkes George

Smith Charlie

Fisher Harry

Peacey Bert

Harris Frank

Smith Charlie

Smith Arthur   (3)

Smith Raymond   (4)

Smith Sydney

Creed Thomas   (5)

Gibb Christopher

Peacey William

Neather John

Dix Hubert

Brooks Jesse

Brooks Frank   (6)

Page 2

Neather Frank

Cooper Thomas

Goode James

Neather Frederick

Bloxsome Horace

Bloodworth Frederick

Cooper Frank

Master Henry

Powell Walter J

Marshall Albert

Sly Ernest

Sealey Ernest   (7)

Peacey Reginald

Bloxsome Albert

Gardner Samuel   (8)

Gobey Frederick

Peacey Frank

Ryland Albert E

Winter John

Ruck Wilfred   (9)

Neather Harry

Cleevely Percy

Harris Sydney

Smith Rhueben

Bloodworth Edward


Full details of those listed as killed or died on this Roll of Honour can be seen here

Those indicated should be linked with the notes against their name in the panel below


1.    Cherington is most probably Thomas Charles Cherrington, who was accidentally killed in France on 23rd November 1918.

2.    Lovesy is most probably Frederick John Lovesy, who died of wounds in Salonica on 10th May 1917.

3.    Smith Arthur is most probably Arthur Edward Smith, who was killed in action in Belgium on 1st August 1917.

4.    Smith Raymond is most probably Raymond Frederick Smith, who was killed in action in Belgium on 4th August 1917.

5.    Creed is most probably Thomas Edgar Creed, who died of illness at sea on 18th July 1916.

6.    Brooks is most probably Harry Frank Brookes, who was killed in action in Belgium on 8th August 1916.

7.    Sealey is most probably Ernest James Sealey, who was killed in action in France on 25th April 1918.

8.    Gardner is most probably Samuel Henry Gardner, who was killed in action in France on 22nd August 1916.

9.    Ruck is most probably Wilfred George Ruck, who was killed in action in France on 30th September 1918.

10.  Charlton Kings War Memorial can be viewed here.

11.  Charlton Kings (St Mary's Church) War Memorial can be seen here.

12.  Charlton Kings Working Men's Club Roll of Honour can be viewed here.

13.  The original Roll of Honour is kept in store at the Gloucestershire Archives in document reference D/2765/12.   A photocopy of the roll was obtained and permission to publish it on this webpage was granted by the Minister, Rev. James Ingram, Charlton Kings Baptist Church, on 4th August 2006.


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