LEAVING CHELTENHAM ..............and all that was dear

Pozieres British Cemetery, France

Image source and copyright Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC)

   Cheltonians Buried in War Graves in France

513 Cheltonians are buried in 256 cemeteries in France


Abbeville Communal Cemetery Extension

Gnr Percy William Barnes

Achiet-Le-Grand Communal Cemetery Extension

Pte Albert Edward Hopkins

Adanac Military Cemetery, Miraumont

Cpl Archibald Clarence Bayley

Cpl Albert Victor Thomas Margetts

Pte Alan Moore

Lt Fleming Newton

Agny Military Cemetery

Rfn Ernest Alfred Marshfield

AIF Burial Ground, Flers, Flers

Pte George Edward Harvey

Pte Arthur Phillips

Aire Communal Cemetery

2Lt Francis James Neville Dicks

Pte Charles George Fisher

LCpl Reginald Charles Holder

Cpl Ernest James Keeling

Sgt Harold Cyril Lacey

Pte Harry Edward Mead

Sgt Hector John Mitford

Pte William George Page

Gnr Robert Edmund Timms

Aix-Noulette Communal Cemetery Extension

Pte Arthur Gilbert Rendol

Albert Communal Cemetery Extension

Pte Richard Lonsdale

2Lt Eric Mouatt-Biggs

Amerval Communal Cemetery, near Solesmes

Pte Charles Weller

Ancre British Cemetery, Beaumont Hamel

Able Seaman F Barnfield

Anneux British Cemetery

Pte Charles Lyall Gardner

Anzac Cemetery, Sailly-sur-la-Lys

Major Henry George Allen Thomson

Anzin St Aubin British Cemetery

Sgt Charles Peter Wilks

Arleux-du-Nord Communal Cemetery

2Lt Kenneth John Knaggs

Assevillers New British Cemetery

2Lt Robert Anthony Beale

Pte Sidney Leonard Dean

Pte Lionel Hubert Frank Reeves

Pte Albert Leonard White

Aubigny Communal Cemetery Extension

Pte Percy Wasley Caudle

Pte Thomas Frederick Cousins

Aulnoye Communal Cemetery

Pte William Spencer Curtis

Aval Wood Military Cemetery, Vieux-Berquin

Pte Arthur John Clements

Pte Archibald Victor Gabb

Cpl George Henry Greening

Lt Reginald Edward Guise

Avesnes-Le-Compte Communal Cemetery Extension

2Lt William Sutton Gardner

Awoingt British Cemetery

Gnr Joseph George Chamberlain

2nd Air Mechanic Arthur Herbert Wills

Bac-du-Sud British Cemetery, Bailleulval

Pte Reginald Charles Turner

Bailleul Communal Cemetery Extension (Nord)

Pte William Albert Cratchley

LCpl Albert Hopkins

Rfn Reginald Thomas Hopkins

Major Harold Bowyer Roffey

LCpl Leslie James Silvester

Pte Frederick George Spencer

Bancourt British Cemetery

Lt Herbert Gordon Thorpe

Barlin Community Cemetery Extension

Pte Aloysius John Rudman

Bazentin-le-Petit Military Cemetery

Pte Joseph Richard Stoneman

Beaucourt British Cemetery

2Lt Thomas Gerald Holmes

Beaulencourt British Cemetery, Ligny-Thilloy

Captain Nigel Duncan Ratcliff Hunter

Pte Sydney Mansbridge

Sgt Archibald McDonnell Shaw

LCpl Frederick Arthur Nind

Beaumont Hamel British Cemetery

2Lt James Harold Elliott

Beaurains Road Cemetery, Beaurains

Dvr Francis Arthur James

Beauval Community Cemetery

Pte James Phillips

Becourt Military Cemetery

Pte Ernest Carter

Pte Percy Frowen

Lt Robert Quilter Gilson

Beehive Cemetery, Willerval

Pte Job Stephens

Bellicourt British Cemetery

Pte James Harold Gilbert Fennell

Captain Vivian Telfer Pemberton

Berguette Churchyard

Pte John Walter Hack

Bertrancourt Military Cemetery

Pte John Holtham

Pte Edward Lancelot Rawlings

Bethune Town Cemetery

Pte Samuel Walter Billings

Pte George William Carey

Spr Alexander Arnold Cox

Major Reginald William Sidney Elliott

Pte Sidney Thomas Stephens

Major Sydney Boyle Stotherd

Bettrechies Communal Cemetery, near Le Cateau

Pte Lewis Williams

Beuvry Communal Cemetery Extension

LCpl Albert Henry Gardner

Sgt Joseph Newman

Bienvillers Military Cemetery

LCpl Horace Locke

Pte Richard Insall Robbins

Blargies Communal Cemetery Extension

Spr Arthur Francis Hunt

Bolougne East Cemetery

Capt Oriel William Erskine Bannerman

Pte William Thomas Bates

Capt Kenneth Algernon Brook-Murray

LCpl George Woodford Cheshire

Pte Charles Dutton

LCpl William Reginald John Eden

Pte William Harewell

2Lt Eric Godfrey Hodgson

Lt Noel Rawstone Wilkinson Kay

Pte Victor James Ransom

Lt Col Bertram Edmund Ward

Lt Edward Melvill Webb

Pte Reginald Arthur Wheeler

Captain Disney Charles Woodhouse

Bonfray Farm Military Cemetery, Bray-sur-Somme

Pte Richard Workman

Bouchoir New British Cemetery, near Amiens

Pte William Herbert Stallard

Bouzancourt Ridge Cemetery, Albert

Pte Thomas Davis

Boves West Communal Cemetery

LCpl Leslie Reay

Bray Military Cemetery, near Chuignolles

LSgt Edward Smith

Brebieres British Cemetery

Cpl Frank Dennett

Brewery Orchard Cemetery, Bois Grenier

Lt Ian Drummond Claughton

Brown's Copse Cemetery, Rouex

Pte William Melville Goodall

Pte Harry Collett Hargrave

Brown's Road Military Cemetery, Festubert

Pte Arthur Henry Houghton

Sgt Frank Steel

2Lt Edward Charles Walters

Bucquoy Road Cemetery, Ficheux, near Arras

Gnr Arthur Ernest Allsopp

Capt Ebenezer Archibald Boyle

Pte Sidney Thomas Clappen

Pte Alfred John Hall

Pte Ernest Davies Lea

2Lt George Frederick Maynard Thomson

Bulls Road Cemetery, Somme

Pte George Henry Ward

Bully-Grenay British Cemetery Extension, Loos

Gnr Henry Walter Griffiths

Bunyans Cemetery, Tilloy Les Moufflaines

Sgt Harry Coventon

Busigny Communal Cemetery Extension

Spr Frederick Alfred Farr

Lt Valentine Wolfton Oakley-Brown

Cabaret Rouge British Cemetery, Loos

Sgt Frederick Edward Bridgman

Pte Edward Denley

Sgt Frank Maurice Driscoll

Major Arthur Charles Littledale

Pte James Stewart Oliver

Pte Henry Rumbold

Calais Southern Cemetery

Pnr Arthur James Bowstead

Spr Arthur Giles

Pte Robert Hamblin

Cambrai East Military Cemetery

2Lt George James Howells

Cambrin Military Cemetery, Arras

Pte Leonard Long Bick

Capelle-Beaudignies Cemetery

Dvr George Evans

Caterpillar Valley Cemetery, Longueval

Pte William Ernest Frank Carter

Sgt Beresford John Gray

Pte William George Jones

Cayeux Military Cemetery, near Amiens

Pte Brian Fitzgerald Ventris-Field

Cerisy-Gailly Military Cemetery

Pte Leonard Brummel Clark

Chambrecy British Cemetery

Sgt Frank Job Arter

Pte Frank Goodhall

Chambrin Churchyard Extension, near Bethune

Pte Arthur Taroni

Pte Stanley James Underhill

Chapelle D'Armentieres Old Military Cemetery

Pte Thomas Henry Baker

Pte James Richard Cheshire

Charmes Military Cemetery, Essegny

Lt Peter Hopcraft

Chauny Communal Cemetery, British Extension

Pte Thomas David Lloyd

Pte Edwin Charles Shipway

Choques Military Cemetery, near Bethune

2Lt Edward Armstrong Barnard

Pte Ernest Albert Hall

Flight Sgt Francis Matthews

LCpl Ralph Tombs

Cinq Rues Cemetery, Hazebrouck

Pte Henry Vansittart Clark

2Lt Charles Reynolds Cook

Citadel New Military Cemetery, Fricourt

Pte Ralph Chandler

Cite Bonjean Military Cemetery, Armentieres

Pte Walter John Bennett Brain

Pte John Brunsdon

Lt Cyril Egremont Gaitskell

LCpl Graham Matthews

Conde-sur-L'Escault Communal Cemetery

Pte Herbert Owen Cassidy

Connaught Cemetery, Thiepval, Somme

Spr William Henry Caudle

LCpl Frank Clifford

Pte Lionel Arthur Slatter

Contay Cemetery, Somme

Cpl Sidney Willis

Corbie Communal Cemetery

Pte George Henry Morris

LCpl George Stanley

Courcelette-au-Bois Communal Cemetery

2Lt P S StP Bunbury

Courcelette British Cemetery, Somme

Pte Harry Peart

Crossroads Cemetery, Fontaine-au-Bois

Lt Joseph Henry Hornby

Pte Ernest Morten

Pte Edgar Percy Warner

Crucifix Cemetery, Vendegies-sur-Ecaillon

2Lt Charles Wallace Boyce

Crucifix Corner Cemetery, Villers Bretonneux

Pte Albert Charles Woore

Dernancourt Communal Cemetery, Somme

LCpl Frank Reginald Ballinger

Dantzig Alley British Cemetery, Somme

2Lt Cecil Pollock Hirst

2Lt William Bryan Todd-Naylor

Dartmoor Cemetery, Becordel

Gnr Thomas Henry Collins

2Lt Frederick George Benjamin Gardner

Delsaux Farm Cemetery, Beugny, Cambrai

Pte Archibald Thomas King

Delville Wood Cemetery, Longueval, Somme

Pte Ernest Harry Holland

Rfn John Price

Sgt Alfred Aloysius Rummings

Dernancourt Communal Cemetery Extension

Gnr Harry James

Pte Frank Rivers

Dijon (Les Pejoces) Cemetery

Pte Frederick Painter

Doingt Communal cemetery Extension

Gnr John Hyde

Douai British Cemetery

Pte Charles Cox

Douchy-les-Ayette British Cemetery

Pte Francis George Sharp

Doullens Cemetery

Rfn Raymond Edward Barnes

Pete Harry Burford

Duisans British Cemetery

Pte Charles Victor Frith

2Lt Gerald Annesley George Godley

Pte Frederick James Newman

Pte George Frederick Parker

2Lt Noel John Gilbert Russell

Pte Dennis Norman Sheepway

Dud Corner Cemetery, Loos

Sgt Ernest Richard Artus

Pte William Barnfield

Sgt Ernest Linden Howard Betteridge

Cpl Arthur Harrison

Pte David Hawling

Captain Edmund Griffith Heath

Captain Anketell Moutray Read, VC

Dunkerque Town Cemetery

Lt Charles Kenneth Flower

Dury Crucifix Cemetery, Arras

Pte Leonard Henry Cox

Ecoives Military Cemetery, Mont St Eloi

Gnr William James Hiles

Esquelbecq Military Cemetery

Pte Albert Edward Seaborne

Estaires Communal Cemetery

Lt George Pierce Armstrong

Etaples Cemetery

Pte Walter Allen Baker

2Lt John Roland Barratt

Sgt Albert Edward Bassett

Pte Fred Blake

Pnr Hubert William Duncan Brewster

Pte William Eagles Bubb

2Lt Frederick James Hawker

Pte Christopher Johnstone

Gnr Dennis Wilfred Locke

Lt Bernhard Cocure Montagnon

Cpl Ernest John Oliver

Major Douglas Reynolds, VC

Pte Ernest George Smith

Pte Henry Crozier Smith

Pte William Francis Smith

Pte Douglas Oxford Arthur Townshend

Captain Sydney Vyvyan Trevenen

Etretat Churchyard Extension

Pte Windham Harris

Faubourg D'Amiens Cemetery, Arras

LCpl William Arthur Berry

Lt Aubrey Causton Strachan

Fauquissart Military Cemetery, Laventie

Major Claude Victor Noble Percival

Feuchy Chapel British Cemetery, Wancourt

2Lt Lewis Woodham Mott

Fillievres British Cemetery

Colonel Arthur Houssemayne Du-Boulay

Fins New British Cemetery, Soret-le-Grand

Rfn Charles Elliott

Five Points Cemetery, Lechelle

Pte Arthur Vincent Edward Moxey

Flatiron Copse Cemetery, Mametz, Somme

Major Hugh Bertie Henriques Johnston

Foucaucourt Communal Cemetery

Gnr John Edward Lewis

Fontaine-au-Bois Communal Cemetery

Pte Frederick Harry Burrows

Forceville Cemetery

Cpl Henry Charles Jordan

Gezaincourt Communal Cemetery

Pte Alfred Merritt

Grand Seraucourt British Cemetery, Aisne

Tpr William Christopher Hall Keen

Grevillieres British Cemetery, Bapuame

2Lt Wilfred Varnish Barrett

Godewaersvelde British Cemetery, near Hazebrouck

LCpl Jesse Bliss

Rfn Henry John James

Pte Archibald Seward

Gorre British Cemetery, Beuvry

Captain Charles Colwyn Rolph

Gouzeaucort New British Cemetery

Lt Eric Lawrence Thomas

Grouy Cemetery, Amiens

Pte Jesse Williams

Grove Town Cemetery, Meaulte

Pte Ernest Deane

Guards Cemetery. Lesbouefs

Pte Ernest Skinner

Guards Cemetery, Windy Corner, Cuinchy

Sgt William Drake

2Lt Phillip Lloyd Elliott

HAC Cemetery, Ecoust St Mein, Arras

LCpl Walter Wynn Biddle

Pte Edward Brown

Captain Vere Edward Osbaldeston Welch

Halluin Communal Cemetery, near Lille

Pte Ernest Edwin Tanner

Ham British Cemetery, Muille

2Lt Francis Claude Uzzell

Hamel Military Cemetery, Beaumont Hamel

2Lt Hugh Neville Crooke

Hautmont Communal Cemetery

Pte Thomas Peachy

Haverskerque British Cemetery

Ssgt Sidney George Little

Hazebrouck Communal Cemetery

Captain Cecil Glendower Percival Gilliat

Sgt Maj Henry William Smith

Heath Cemetery, Harbonnieres

Pte Albert Edward Bates

Pte James Lionel Danby

Captain William Henry Viveash

Hebuterne Military Cemetery

Pte Stanley Brown

Pte Albert Edward Roberts

Rfn Leonard Henry Weaver

Pte John Percy Wood

Heilly Station Cemetery, Somme

Pte Ernest James Bassett

Pte William Thomas Cossens

Rfn Ernest George Lewis

Rfn James Ernest Morris

Cpl Harry Mustoe

Pte Arthur Henry Sims

Pte Nicholas Slender

CSM Charles Frederick Williams

Henninel Communal Cemetery

Pte George Herbert Broom

Highland Cemetery, Le Cateau

Pte Reginald Wilfred Evans

Pte Leigh Henry Powis

Pte Horace David Thomas

Honnechy British Cemetery, Le Cateau

Gnr Eric William Briggs

2Lt Kenneth Gerrard Gurney

Houplines Communal Cemetery Extension

2Lt Thomas Noel Cheney

Joeuf Communal Cemetery, Meurthe-en-Moselle

Captain Duncan Ronald Gordon Mackay

Jonchery-sur-Vesle British Cemetery, near Rheims

LCpl Frank Edward Preece

La Chaudiere Military Cemetery, Vimy

CSM Horace Maunder Edwards

La Neuville Communal Cemetery

Gnr Jack Leslie Oliver

Landrecies British Cemetery

Cpl Henry (Horace) Matthews

Lapugnoy Military Cemetery

LCpl Henry Richard Dodwell

Pte William James Mott

Laventie Military Cemetery

Cpl Albert Henry Askew

Pte Archibald William Cooke

Pte Wilfred George Ruck

Lebucquiere Communal Cemetery Extension, 

Pte Harold George Summers

Le Cateau Military Cemetery

Pte Edwin Thomas Shillum

Le Chapelette British Cemetery, Perrone

Spr Alfred Mansfield

Le Grand Beaumart British Cemetery, Steenwerck

Major Roger Gresley

CSM Ernest Henry Knight

Le Quesnel Cemetery

Sgt George Lombard Cannock

Les Baraques Military Cemetery, Sangette, Calais

Gnr Arthur Charles Smith

Le Treport Military Cemetery

Gnr Leonard Clissold

Le Touret Military Cemetery, Richebourg L'Avoue

Major Leslie William Searles Oldham

Ligny-St-Flochel Cemetery

Pte William Henry Brooks

Lille Southern Cemetery

Pte Thomas Charles Cherrington

Pte Percy Edwin Godwin

Spr Albert Edward Howlett

Lillers Communal Cemetery

Pte Wilfred Brinkworth

Pte Frederick Grinnell

Pte William Henry Ireland

Pte Frederick John Sansom

2Lt Douglas Holme Wiggin

Loos British Cemetery

Pte Cecil Linford Sheppard

Pte James Albert Watts

London Cemetery Extension, High Wood, Longueval

Pte Alexander Edwards

Longpre-les-Corps Saints British Cemetery, Amiens

2Lt Frank Hobbs Hudson

Longuenesse Souvenir Cemetery, St Omer

Pte Albert Edward Burcher

Pte Raymond William Carpenter

Pte Ernest Albert Davis

LCpl Albert Dix

Lt Reginald Hawkins

Pte George Lewis

Pte Cyril George Lloyd

Pte Frederick James Mace

Louvencourt Cemetery

Captain Edward George Gatacre

Pte Harry Tanner

Louveral Military Cemetery, Doinges

Pte Victor Charles Godwin

Maroc British Cemetery, Grenay

Pte John Bowen

2Lt Hubert William Corke

Lt Charles Lambert Jones

Pte Charles Robert Miles Kingston

Pte Joseph Noel Martin

2Lt Ralph Albert Negus

Pte Frederick Benjamin Williams

Masnieres British Cemetery, Cambrai

Cpl James Aston

Mazargues Cemetery Extension

Lt Albert Victor Hawker

Meaulte Military Cemetery, Somme

Pte William George Stephens

Merville Communal Cemetery

Pte William Goddard

Pte Ernest James Sealey

Cpl Bertie Thomas Ward

Meteren Military Cemetery, Bailleul

Pte Frederick Rogers (aka Pte A Morris)

Metz en Couture Communal Cemetery

Pte Arthur John Byard

Mill Road Cemetery, Thiepval, Somme

2Lt Charles Brien

Pte Edward Lewis Keen

Pte Ernest John King

Millencourt Communal Cemetery Extension

Pte Thomas Henry Emmes

Pte Lancelot Organ

Montay-Neuvilly Road Cemetery, Montay

Rfn Edward Victor Skinner

Mont Bernenchon British Cemetery, Gonnehem

2Lt Christopher John Claud Schuster

Mont Huon Cemetery, Le Treport

Pte Charles Henry Foxwell

Pte Arthur Thomas Hiron

Sgt Albert John Price

LCpl Arthur Herbert Smith

Morbecque Cemetery, Hazebrouck

Pte Arthur Harvey Howes

Mory Street Military Cemetery, St Leger, near Arras

Lt Guy Frederick Beckham Handley

Namps-au-Val British Cemetery, near Amiens

Pte James William Price

Neuville-Bourjonval British Cemetery

Pte Francis Walter Butler

Nine Elms Military Cemetery, Thelus

2Lt Robert Charles Hodson

Noeux-les-Mines Communal Cemetery, Arras

Gnr Walter Edgar Brasington

Pte Albert Henry Cox

Drummer Gilbert James Gainer

Sgt Harold Wilfred Pearce

Cpl Henry Edward Raven

Noyelles-sur-L'Escault Communal Cemetery

Cpl Charles Skey

Noyon New British Cemetery

LCpl Francis Spencer Byard

Orange Trench Cemetery, Monchy-Le-Preux

Pte Albert Edwin Gibbins

Outtersteene Communal Cemetery, Bailleul

LCpl Ralph Cecil Fletcher

Ovillers Military Cemetery, Somme

Rfn Stephen Blackpool

Sgt Percy Talbot Cookley

Pernes British Cemetery, Pernes-en-Artois

Pte William Creed

Pte Sydney Kidd

Peronne Communal Cemetery

Pte Henry Albert Dance

Peronne Road Cemetery, Maricourt, Somme

LCpl William Thomas Benjamin Holtham

Gnr Robert Pockett

Pte Frederick Ward

Philosophe British Cemetery, Mazingarbe

Pte Charles Hall

LCpl Edgar Lock

Pommereuil British Cemetery, Le Cateau

Capt William Henry Bowsher

Spr Sidney Herbert Baylis Madder

Pont du Hem Cemetery, La Gorgue

Pte William James Dartnall

Pozieres British Cemetery, Somme

Pte Sidney Albert Causon

LCpl Dennis William Diston

Pte Alfred Ernest Jelfs

Pte Henry Arthur Lane

Pte Arthur Maslin

Cpl Daniel William Sullivan

Sgt Herbert William Young

Premont British Cemetery

Pte Cecil Dennis

Puchevillers British Cemetery

Pte William Ernest Drew

LCpl Thomas Little

LCpl Alfred Perry

Quarry Cemetery, Montauban, Somme

Bdr George William Miller

Captain Guy Carlton Vaughan

Quarry Wood Cemetery, Sains-les-Marquion

Gnr Frederick Charles Jennings

Queen's Cemetery, Bucquoy

LCpl Arthur Moss Lovell

Sgt Theodore Watts

Regina Trench Cemetery, Courcelette

Pte Percy Albert George Gosling

Ribecourt Railway Cemetery, Trescault

Pnr Michael Sheen

Ribecourt Road Cemetery, Trescault

Pte Alfred Caley

Ribemont Communal Cemetery Extension

Pte John Wesley Jones

Roeux British Cemetery

Pte Albert Edward Cull

Roclincourt Military Cemetery, near Arras

Pte Francis H Wheeler

Rocquigny-Equauncourt Road British Cemetery

Pte John Richard Evans

Major Alexander Edward Hawkins

Pte Alfred Frederick William Hunt

Pte Ewart Montague Jones

Pte Leslie George Shaw

Roisel Communal Cemetery

Captain Stephen William Whateley

Romeries Communal Cemetery

Pte Bertram Frank Windiate

Royal Irish Rifles Churchyard, Laventie

Lt Geoffrey Dyett Abbott

Roye New British Cemetery

2nd Air Mechanic Charles Mallett

Rue des Berceaux Military Cemetery, Richebourg

Pte Frank Ernest Pulham

Pte Charles Taylor

Rue du Bacquerot No 1 Military Cemetery, Laventie

Pte Alfred Ballinger

Captain Reginald Horace Crosbie Gilliat

Pte Harold John Mason

LCpl Charles Henry Ward

Pte Albert George Wasley

Sgt Stephen Raymond Wright

Rue-du-Bois Military Cemetery, Fleurbaix

Lt Raymond Kirwood Ledger

Rue Petillon Military Cemetery, Fleurbaix

Pte Albert Reginald Cook

2Lt Francis Russell Eager

Ruesnes Communal Cemetery

Sgt Maj Charles Chamberlain

Pte Walter John Purveur

Sailly-Labourse Communal Cemetery

LCpl Edward Arkell Brookes

Pte Frank Roland Green

Cpl Walter Edward Jones

Pte Albert Edward Parry

Pte Alfred Percy Price

Savy British Cemetery

Drummer Joseph Henry Dodwell

Captain John Harold Ellerson Rickerby

Senlis Communal Cemetery Extension, near Albert

Pte Frank Hubert Read

Sequehart British Cemetery No 2

Pte George Alfred Beard

Serre Road Cemetery No 2

Cpl Hardy Chaloner Powell Chandler

Pte Frank Godsell

St Aubert British Cemetery

Pte George Henry Butler

Sgt Albert William

St Catherine's British Cemetery, Arras

Pte Albert Edward John Winstone

St Marie Cemetery, Le Havre

Pte Henry Rudolph Arundell

Pte Ernest James Fricker

Pte William Henry Matthews

St Mary's Advanced Dressing Station Cemetery, Haisnes

Captain Ivan Richard Gibbs

St Patrick's Cemetery, Loos

Cpl Edward Charles Mason

Sgt Edgar William Stephens

Pte John Edmund Wakefield

St Pierre Cemetery, Amiens

LCpl George Edwin Arthur Brazener

Pte William Ernest Long

Captain William Smith Minchin

Pte Harold Edgar Ralph

St Quinten Cabaret Cemetery

Captain Duncan Donald Heron Campbell

St Sever Cemetery, Rouen

LCpl Arthur Estwick Challenger

Sgt William Challoner

LCpl William Cosier

Captain John Charles Moore Ferguson

Pte William George Harker

Pte Alfred James Hooper

Pte John William Jelfs

Pte George Jones

Major John Francis Sumption

Pte Leonard Rees Tomlinson

Pte Alfred Webb

Pte Francis Herbert Webb

Able Seaman Arthur Joseph Welch

Pte William Charles Whitfield

St Souplet British Cemetery

Pte Gilbert John Clissold

St Vaast Communal Cemetery Extension

Pte Frank Leslie Parker

St Vaast Post Military Cemetery, Richebourg-L'Avoue

Pte Arthur Henry Faulkner

St Venant-Robecq Road British Cemetery, near Bethune

Cpl Edgar Francis Jenkins

Pte William Thomas Redman

Sucrerie Military Cemetery, Somme

Lt Hugh Irving Adams

Pte George Walter Buck

Terlincthun Cemetery, Bolougne

Pte Henry Thomas Barnes

Cpl William Beames

Spr Samuel Boulton Bourne

Cpl Benjamin Munday

Cpl Frank Williams

Pte Harold William Woodward

Thiennes British Cemetery

Pte Harry Bevan

Tilloy British Cemetery

Pte Charles Frank Stephen Lusty

2Lt John Lancelot Walmsley Stock

Gnr Maurice Carter Voile

Tincourt New British Cemetery

Pte Wilfred Bullock

Pte Robert Charles Clift

Pte Evelyn Vernon Randolph Fisher

LCpl Charles Sidney Townsend

Trefcon British Cemetery

Pte Walter Sidney Stanley Martin

Trescault Communal Cemetery

Lt Nathaniel Arthur Pearce

Trois Arbres Cemetery, Steenwerck

LCpl Frank George Haines

Gnr William James Long

Lt Albert Ernest Painter

Unicorn Cemetery, Vend'huile

Pte Claude Granville Bullingham

Pte William David Child (aka Smith)

Pte Frederick Melville Draper

Pte William Alfred Jennings

Pte George Thomas Skeen

Vadencourt British Cemetery, St Quentin

Pte Joshua Harry Bond

LCpl Joseph Hounslow

Pte Ernest Smith

Valenciennes Communal Cemetery

Pte William John Robert Caldwell

Sgt Henry Thompson Dartnall

Major Greville Havergal Shaw

Valley British Cemetery. Aisne

2Lt Charles Edward Crane

Vaulx Hill Cemetery, Vaulx Vracourt

2Lt Lionel Bruce Maby

Vaux-Andigny British Cemetery

Lt Donald Moreton Brown

Vauxbuin French National Cemetery, near Soissons

Lt Reginald John Smith

Pte George Gilbert Turner

Vendresse British Cemetery

Lt John Forbes O'Connell

Vermelles British Cemetery

Pte Cyril Lerwell Ayres

Cpl Patrick Cummings

Lt George Henry James Daubeney

Major Lionel Goodeve

Cpl George Perry

LCpl Percy John Thomas

Vieille-Chapelle New Military Cemetery, Lacoutre

2Lt Gordon Thomas Harcourt Morse

Pte John Henry Pates

Vignacourt Cemetery

Pte Thomas Henry Fry

Villers Bretonneux Military Cemetery

Pte Arthur John Fowles

Villers Hill British Cemetery, Villers Guislan

Lt Douglas Woulfe Hay

Villers Station Cemetery

Pte Edwin Aubrey Witchell

Vis-en-Artois British Cemetery

2Lt Alfred George Maisey

Wancourt Cemetery

Pte Frank Bubb

Pte Albert Edgar Jenkins

Warlencourt British Cemetery

Pte Arthur Leonard Daffurn

Pte Joseph James Jenkins

Pte William George Henry Wilson

Warlincourt Halte British Cemetery, Saulty, Arras

Pte Frederick Wright

Warloy Baillon Communal Cemetery, British Extension

Lt George Reginald Stuart Layng

Sgt George Stangoe

Wimereux Cemetery

LCpl James Henry Hattersley-Smith

Pte Frederick James Cecil Jenkins

Y Farm Military Cemetery, near Bois Grenier

LCpl William Henry Weavin


1.   Memorials To The Missing in France can be viewed here.




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