Cheltonians Buried in War Graves or Commemorated on Memorials

in Asia and the Far East

Delhi War Cemetery, India

 Copyright and source - Commonwealth War Graves Commission

14 Cheltonians are buried and/or commemorated in 11 Cemeteries or 5 Memorials in the Far East

Memorial in Burma

Special Memorial 27.J.2 in Taukkyan War Cemetery Captain Edmund Marsden

Cemeteries/Memorials in India

Calcutta (Bhowanipore) Cemetery, India

Major Stafford Reichel Reeves

Delhi Memorial, India Gate, India

Dvr Arthur Henry Burrows   (Note 2)

Captain Piercy John McQueen Mottram  (Note 3)

Kirkee 1914 - 1918 War Memorial, India

Sgt Percy Henry Brill   (Note 5)

Capt Eric Whitmore Fisher   (Note 6)

Pte Edgar Biggerstaff Gibbs   (Note 7)

Major Gerald Alister Jamieson   (Note 8)

2Lt Cedric Donovan Upstone   (Note 9)

Madras 1914 - 1918 Memorial, India

Pte Lasford King   (Note 10)

Cemeteries/Memorials in Pakistan

Karachi War Memorial, Pakistan

Major Edmund Arthur Swinhoe  (Note 4)

Rawalpindi War Cemetery, Pakistan

LCpl Charles Henry Leach

Pte Frederick Waghorne

Cemetery in Singapore

Kranji War Cemetery

Captain Francis Vallance Izard


1.   Those who are buried in India and Pakistan where maintenance of their grave is not possible, are commemorated on Memorials nearest to the location of the grave.

2.   Dvr Burrows is buried in the Peshawar (Right) British Cemetery, India.

3.   Capt Mottram is buried in the Kaur Cemetery, Dera Ismail Khan, now Pakistan.

4.   Maj Swinhoe is buried in Sialkot East Cemetery, now Pakistan.

5.   Sgt Brill is buried in the Simla Old Cemetery, India.

6.   Capt Fisher is buried in the Bombay (Sewri) Cemetery, India.

7.   Pte Gibbs is buried in the Jubbulpore Cantonment Cemetery, India.

8.   Major Jamieson is buried in Bombay (Sewri) Cemetery, India.

9.   2Lt Upstone is buried in Bombay (Sewri) Cemetery, India.

10.  Pte King is buried in Bolarum Cavalry Barracks Cemetery, Secunderabad, India.


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