Cheltonians Buried in War Graves in Africa

16 Cheltonians are buried in 8 cemeteries in Africa

Dar Es Salaam War Cemetery, Tanzania, Africa

 Copyright and source - Commonwealth War Graves Commission

Cemeteries In Egypt

Cairo War Memorial Cemetery Gnr William Albert Chambers
Alexandria (Chatby) Military and War Memorial Cemetery

Cpl William Henry Crook

Cpl William Thomas Legg

Alexandria (Hadra) War Memorial Cemetery

Sgt Albert Henry Davies

Lt Charles Uppleby Geidt

Pte Charles Hole

Dvr William Howard Smith

Pte Charles Foster

Kantara War Memorial Cemetery Tpr Arthur James Mourbey

Cemeteries In Kenya

Muranga (St James') Churchyard, Fort Hall

Cpl Harry Clement Seates

Cemeteries In Nigeria (formerly Adamava)

Bakundi Military Grave

Lt Henry Quin Glenny

Cemeteries in South Africa

Simon's Town (Dido Valley) Cemetery

Commander Stephen Bowle-Evans RN

Cemeteries in Tanzania (formerly Tanganyika)

Dar Es Salaam War Cemetery

Pte Arthur William Aldridge

Sgt Dennis O'Brien

Spr William Edwin Halling

CQMS Frederick William Taylor


1.   Memorials To The Missing in Africa can be viewed here.


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